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Home Studio pt3

Spent tonight messing around with the home set-up. Did some more test recordings - this time with all the channels I want to use. Here's a pic of what it looks like.

here's a few more. . . .

The bass goes into the Avalon U5 direct box where the signal splits. 1 signal goes direct to the ProTools interface and is recorded on it's own track. The other signal goes into the Boss GT-6B processor which I take the digital stereo out into the Pro Tools interface.

The Rode NT-4 stereo mic goes into the Joe Meek Twin-Q mic pre-amp and then on to 2 channels in ProTools.

I'm using 4 open bass cases to help kill some sounds - like this one stacked up against the computer and hard drives.

It kinda reminds me of being a kid and building forts out of cardboard boxes and blankets.

I'm going to bring tonights test recordings into Studio J tomorrow for a listen - once I'm comfortable all my signals are coming thru clean I'll start knocking it out.


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