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Recording part 1

I'll try to post updates as I work thru the recording process. Right now - the plan is to spend tomorrow in the studio with 4-5 tunes and the recording set-up I "think" will work. I've dedicated the entire day to the project.

It's a test the waters type deal. First I want to see if recording at 24bit/96kHz on a ProTools HD machine will really sound remarkably better than the ProTools MIX system I have at home. I plan on having 5 channels per song. 1 dry channel thru an Avalon U5. 1 processed stereo signal from my Boss GT-6B. And 2 channels of ambient mic sound. The point being to capture as much audio per performance as I can and then worry about mixing and production later. There are certain sounds I'm going for - and I'm not entirely convinced this is the way to get it. But with the dry channel at least I can bail on the Boss signals if the effects in there sound too cheap and won't have to worry about capturing a new performance.

Tonight - I'm just getting my performance plan together. Picking the tunes I'll record first and make sure I've got all the little kinks worked out.

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