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Trial & Error

The tests I recorded last night were revealing.

Some of the settings I've been using in the Boss GT-6B processor don't record as well as I thought they sounded live. Particularly with the MTD. Got to find some happy mediums there.

The ambient noise level is tolerable as long as I shut the room down. Completely. I did 1 recording with the window open, a fan in the window - the celing fan going and the door wide open. HA! Let's just say that won't work. This could be a problem if I'm still recording when the temps start climbing. More motivation to get tracking done as soon as possible.

Pedulla Red sounds great and Pedulla Blue - with soapbar pups - has a different sound quality that will require a little bit of tweaking to dial in. I've only had it a few days so I'm still figuring that one out.

I don't really want to focus too much on all the technical stuff - but I feel like I should get it handled early (now) to get comfortable that the sounds I'm making are the sounds I'm going to want.

That will free me up to focus on performances and deal with the minimum of production issues and fixes later on.

I HATE corrective production in music. It really pays to get the tones you want recorded at performance - and then use EQ, Compression etc... in post to bring balance to the sound rather than "fix it".

I also want a general level of sonic consistency with all the pieces. I don't want them to sound like they were all recorded with different set-ups at different times. Getting all the techy stuff cleared up is part of the process. Since this is my first go 'round - it's probably taking a tad longer than it should.

It's also a pain that I only have 1 monitoring environment that I trust - the work studio.

So I track shit at home and then have to bring it in here - put it through some of the production processes I think I want to use - and then listen back in a few different spots on CD players to see how it all comes out. I'm getting really close that my set up is solid and will yield quality results.

Oh yeah - I discovered that my U5 direct box is recording out of phase with my Boss GT6B. I can hunt down the cause. Or I can proceed and simply invert the U5 tracks in production later on.

I think its the transformer I stuck on the cable to go from XLR to TRS to input into my Digi 882 interface. I have to fix that.

PLUS - I still have 4 tunes to finish arrangements on.

Oh yeah - and a day job.


more as it happens.

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