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July 25, 2006

New Interview

Just in case there's more about me you want to know. ,-)

You'll also find an equally facinating interview with fellow solo bassist Trip Wamsley.

Thanks to Alun Vaughn at Bass Tech UK.

July 23, 2006

Hotter than Hell

It's been REALLY hot here lately so I haven't been getting much playing in. My studio/spare bedroom is cooking in the 90s. BUT . . . .

I got out of the house yesterday to jam some with Edo Castro

Edo's exploring the solo bass thing more deeply and will be on a solo bass show with me in Dec along with Dave Grossman and Jean Baudin. Details as they develop.

Edo is very easy going - a super listener and a great nuanced player.

His internal BPM is about 30 slower than mine!

I loved the idea of slowing my stuff down to accomidate another player. Most of my things are written for 1 bass filling up as much sonic space as possible. But slowing things down and letting more space develop lets other ideas get in there. There's at least 1 solo piece of mine we messed around with that I'll probably re-fashion as a duo - or trio with another bass and percussion.

I also got to share to of my thoughts about recording - which had stalled in case you weren't aware.

Over the past few weeks I've totally changed my ideas of what I want the recordings to represent and sound like. Edo had some great input and I think I'll enlist him to help out with some things when I'm ready to hit record again. Over all a good day.

Now - I'm off to find a way to beat another 100 degree day.

July 14, 2006

Meet Zuzo

Zuzo Moussawer - bassist from Brazil- who took Second place in the Bass Extremes contest - e-mailed me today to tell me about his new videos and DVDs.

Check out his version of "The Chicken" which tracks pretty close to the way he played it at the Contest.

It's a 50MB mpg file (fyi)

You can sample & purchase more of Zuzo's videos at his website -

July 12, 2006

Gear for sale.

I'm quitting this bass thing and selling all my gear.

well . . . I'll probably keep playing bass - but I do want to unload some gear I don't use.

I'll put this stuff up on the bay in the next week or so - but wanted to see if anyone wanted a crack at any of it outside the auction world.

MESA BOOGIE MPULSE 600 - 600 watt SimuState Bass Amp w/footpedal controller.

LEXICON MPX G2 effects processor.

BOSS VF1 effects processor (bar band condition)



MOTU 828mkII recording interface

STATUS 5 string lefty bass.

All this stuff works as it should.

drop me a note if any of it tickles your fancy.



July 10, 2006

String thing

I haven't talked to many Bass players who really like the sound and feel of brand new, right out of the package strings. I have a set on the MTD right now that is about 2 months old and I friggin LOVE IT.

Here's a question Mr. String manufacturer. If they can make BRAND NEW jeans that look like I pulled them of the rejct pile at goodwill - how come you can't make NEW strings that sound and feel like they're 2 months old?

I don't care who steals this idea - I really just want it to happen. So . . . go . . . make it happen.


July 09, 2006

Episode II up

grab it baby!

a tad bit more profanity this time around so uhh . . . use your own judgement. ,-0


July 08, 2006

Wisdom from Bruce Hornsby

The Latest issue of Performing Songwriter has a short interview (PDF file download) with Bruce Hornsby that has a few nuggests I really admire.

Some quotes:

"I never liked the audience you aquire from having hits on the radio. I always thought it was a soft core audience. It wasn't a real music loving audience"

I admire that - but I must disclose that a tune off Bruce's last album was ALL OVER radio - but not in rotation - in a COMMERICAL for the home improvement store Lowes!

No worries Bruce . . . . I still dig the idea.

And this one in particular resonates with me -

"Most songwriters perform their songs with what I consider to be the museum piece approach. You write the song, you work it up and record it and you play it like that forever.

Frankly, most of the crowd wants to hear that. They're there for a nostalgic reason. They're not there for music in a present tense, to hear something creatively new. That is a real creative prison.

My approach to performing my songs is that I want them to be living beings that can evolve and grow and change through the years.

I'm well aware that 90% of the listening audience doesn't want to hear music that way. But I can't be bothered with that. I'm too restless to do it the other way. It would just feel like I was shackeld in a Ramada Inn lounge playing Top 40."

Over my 14 years in radio - I've really come to admire those few artists (like Hornsby) who get in, get a radio hit or 2 and then get out to pursue more meaningful music.

Hornsby is an amazing musician. It would be a shame to hear him still churning out endless iterations of "The Way it Is".

There are very few artists who maintain deep musical integrity AND get radio play over long periods of time. U2 is the only example that springs to mind right now.

It's not that radio is bad - it's that it's radio. It has to appeal to THE MOST amount of people. The music that makes it to radio has mass appeal qualities - it's music that the most number of people can agree on . Which often means as much about what the music is NOT, as what it IS.

So I guess I am sort of a purist. I don't despise the "mainstream" as many musicians do. (often out of envy in my view) If you can pop into the mainstream for a while and get paid - go for it - that's beautiful.

I just think the mainstream is like Las Vegas - you visit and enjoy it - but you don't want to live there.

Or maybe you do. ,-)

July 02, 2006

Debut Beautiful Bass Podcast!

HERE IT IS! My debut Podcast!

Beautiful Bass Podcast

This is my first go at a podcast about Solo Bass and music and other ephemera.

The first several minutes are about why I came to do podcasting and then it gets into thoughts about where I am and what I'm doing with solo bass.

The second half I play a fair amount and chat about some things that are influencing me currently.

There's some other weird stuff spliced in to break it up.

Please feel free to leave comments on the blog - or via e-mail.

oh yeah - dont' forget to hit subscribe over there on the left so you get all the new stuff as soon as it's posted.


Politics . . . bleh

I don't want to blog about politics - too much bullshit to go thru - too many personal identities wrapped up in mental positions.

But if you're at all interested in the NSA Gov Spying on you thing - the infamous hacker Kevin Poulsin posted on the Wired Mag Blog instructions how to run a simple trace on a website to find out if it's traffic is being routed to the NSA.