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February 08, 2007

Podcast Episode 6 posted

As a follow up to my episode 4 podcast about modes - friend & fellow bassist Ariane Cap offers another take on modes.


Thanks Ariane!

February 01, 2007

Solo Set @ The Canvas

I played a 30 minute solo set last night at a Bar/Gallery called "The Canvas" on the edge of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

It's a largely student and urban geek hipster type crowd - lots of laptops using the free wi-fi and crowds of asian students playing a card game called "magic".

The perfect venue for solo bass! ;-)

Overall not a bad night. I didn't really stress this show - really casual.

From here it's pretty much shedding my material in prep for recording in March.

I have a gig with Edo Castro the first week in March in Berkeley -and Gerald Veasley's BBC in mid March.

Then recording begins!

I have a studio walk thru w/ Cookie on Tuesday. Maybe I can get a pic or 2.

I haven't forgotten about the podcasts - I've just been a little lazy - January was a complete blow-off month for me musically.

I think I watched more TV and web-surfed than played bass. Oh well. Vacation is over.

I'm getting my ass in gear now - lots of work to be done!