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April 30, 2007

Jeff Schmidt Newsletter

Here's the lastest copy of my e-mail newsletter


My debut CD of solo bass music has been recorded and we're halfway
finished mixing. The first copies should be available for sale by
mid-late June. You can read a bit of the details on my myspace blog
here -

also a bit on my main blog

hint - it'll pay to be subscriber to my podcast.
I'll be featuring tunes off the CD in upcoming episodes.

On the gig front - I'm heading to the mid-west for some shows with
finger style guitar masters Andy Mckee & Antoine DeFour. Search them
on and get blown away!


I'll play some "normal" bass backing up Andy & Antoine - as well as
some solo stuff. Should be loads of fun - please come out if we hit
your area

5/10 The Cedar Cultural Center -Minneapolis, Minnesota 8pm
$15 advance
$18 day of show

5/11 Shank Hall - Milwaukee Wisconsin 8pm

5/12 Radio, Radio - Indianapolis, Indiana 8pm

Back in the Bay Area it's Solo Bass Night 3!

5/18 - Frieght & Salvage - Berkeley CA - 7:30pm
solo show - also performing Jean Baudin, Dave Grossman, Michael Manring
$19.50 in adv/
$20.50 at door

6/10 San Francisco Bass Weekend - 4pm
Solo Set - also appearing Jean Baudin & Stu Hamm

I'll also be performing at Lodo Bass Bash - the first weekend in Aug.
Details at

As always - for more current communications and gig news check in with
my blogs as they're updated far more frequently than I do these

Hope to see you out there!

--Jeff Schmidt

April 23, 2007

CD progress

Last thursday I had percussion tracked on 2 tunes by an amazing bay area percussionist - Ian Dogole.

I learned about Ian from fellow bassist Edo Castro.

Ian was a total pro. He learned the tunes ahead of time and came into the studio ready to roll. He saved me lots of time. Ian composed his own parts based on minimal instructions from me. He's pretty amazing.

That means all tracking should be done.

I say "should" because it's been a week since I've heard the music. I'm kind of nervous about hearing it again when we begin mixing on Wed.

What if I want to re-cut a bunch of stuff?

HA! No chance. Well - slim chance.

Not "slim chance" that I'll want to re-cut stuff - I expect the temptation will be there - but slim chance that I actually will.

2 reasons. I have just enough studio time left to mix what's already been tracked and no real budget for more. That's the bed I made when I decided to work with tape. I'm rolling with it. No pun intended.

And - I probably won't really be able to get better performances anyway. It's a temptation that is misleading. A likely time waster.

We'll see what day 1 of mixing brings.

April 18, 2007

studideo update

ok - so my "studio blogging" idea never really panned out.

My bad. Bottom line is that I'm lazy. Well ok - not lazy - busy. When I finish my work day - like about now - I want to work on the project till I get really sleepy. Then, I go to sleep. Then I wake up and do it again. See - no time for blogging. I do have a short video I took with my digital camera - I just haven't had time to up load it to my server. I'll do it tonight - or maybe this weekend.

So here's a quicky update as to where things stand.

13 tunes are down on reel. Percussion is being cut tomorrow on 2 tunes. Technically - that should be the end of tracking. BUT . . . .

The project might be a bit top heavy in the up-tempo slappity tappity wickedy wackity dept. Or as our engineer Patrick O'Connor calls it - "electric spiders'. Just roll with it. ,-)

So in order to have a few more options when it comes to compiling the final release - I hope to cut 2 additional tunes with a slower more spacious vibe.

That'll give me 15 tracks to mix (which should take place mid to late next week) and then sit with them for a week or so before choosing the finals for the CD.

Mastering is penciled in for May 10th. I should have final duped product by the end of May - first week in June.

Then I can start work on my next project.


April 09, 2007

Studio Report - Day 1

Saturday was my first day in the studio - sorry no pics yet.

Overall the day was largely spent on various set-ups and levels and sounds and tone and experimenting etc. I played a few tunes but probably won't keep keep those takes.

I was pretty challenged by the experience..

One of the things we were playing around with was placing monitors (genelecs) near an open sustained baby grand piano - and micing the piano close and far away.

This way - as my playing came thru the monitors - it would excite the piano strings and generate all kinds of weird sounds.

I don't know how much of that stuff will make it on the finals- but that's probably the number 1 reason I'm getting out of my spare bedroom studio and hiring a producer to help me with this project - to do creative shit like that.

Oh yeah - the other reason is to track to 2 inch tape. Why? Because going to tape with a producer who knows how to use tape sounds awesome. And it sounded like a good idea at the time.

However - I totally underestimated how much going to tape would change my mindset. First off- 1 reel of 2 inch is about $250.00. So, when I heard Cookie say in the montitor "tape's rolling" the little cash register sound starts going off in my head.

Plus - tape is just so . . . linear.

I'm a protools guy. I've sat in front of a protools rig just about every work day for the past 10 years.

Not seeing the waveform whiz by as I'm playing - not being able to stop and start on a dime - not being able to quickly check things and edit and produce and tinker - and all the things protools is awesome at doing - all that familiarity was gone. And it affected me. I felt lost and a bit overwhelmed. I have no idea how to make music using tape. HA! I'm such a tard.

So anyway - day one wasn't a waste - it was day 1. There is no "Day 2" until you do "Day 1" - and Day 2 is tomorrow. Hopefully I'll remember to snap some pics.

Let's see what else did I learn . . . oh yeah - my Boss GT6b effects pedal sounds like dirt. Of course it sounds just fine at a venue thru a PA and in my practice room - but in a nice studio up against my direct bass siginal - it's a tad lo-fi.

Not a bad thing if that's what you're looking for. It was just interesting to actually hear just how much the Boss pedal changes the tone of the bass. Whaddya expect for 300 bucks!

BTW - I had to turn comments off on this blog because I was getting over 100 spam comments per day. If you'd like to make a comment on an entry - shoot me an e-mail and I'll post it that posting.

beautifulbass at gmail dot com