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June 20, 2007

Solo CD Cvr Art, track listing, release date & more

Got word yesterday that my master has been approved for duplication and that duplication has begun!

I've been given a delivery date of 7/9/07

Here's the cover

and the track listing

1. From Under The Weight of Knowing
2. Fury
3. Satori
4. Path Beyond Tracing
5. Numb
6. Until You Don’t (live)
7. Trypto
8. Sui Generis
9. Mudita
10. Seeing is Freeing (live)
11. Still Silhouette

I'll begin the podcast/audio liner notes thing next week. Each episode will cover 2 tracks - I'll probably just do them in the order of the CD.

I'll have them up on CD baby eventually and ordering info will follow in the next few weeks.

In other news - I have a solo bass show tomorrow night in the North Beach District of San Francisco at a place called Grant & Green - it's at 1371 Grant Ave. SF, CA 94133

Solo Bassist Randy Marshall will open the show at 7pm, followed by a solo bass set from Ariane Capp, Andy Cervantes, the bass & drum group Toast Machine and finally a set from me.

No cover. The whole thing should start at around 7pm & wrap up by 9:15pm or so.

Stop by and have some drinks!

June 06, 2007

Solo CD Update

The latest from solo cd world - Mastering is happening today.

I should get a final artwork/print sample for approval early next week. If everything is cool the replication peeps tell me I can expect delivery of final product around the 29th of June.

I'll use the podcast to deliver each of the tracks - like 1 or 2 per week - with a bit of commentary as well. If all goes as planned that should start next week. More details in the days ahead.


June 02, 2007

New Tune on MySpace player

Piccolo acoustic bassist Jeff Dodd's new CD "Falling Awake" is out and I got the opportunity to play on a track - so I loaded it up on my player. It's called Topeka (in the rear view mirror)

You can hear me interview Jeff about the project in my podcast - there's a post here about it below.

There's 3 parts going on in this track.

The main part is an acoustic piccolo bass harmony track - sounds like a deeper acoustic guitar. That part is played by Jeff Dodd.

The melody & solo is played by me on a piccolo fretless bass - my pedulla.

And underneath it all is an ambient effect track I like to call "smoke" which I performed on piccolo fretless with lots of delay & reverby goodness.

The CD also features performances by some amazing bassists on Jeff's compositions - Yves Carbonne, Jonni Lightfoot, Brady Muckelroy, Tony Franklin, Russ Hoges & Michael Manring.

check out Jeff Dodd

Jeff Dodd Website HERE


Jeff Dodd Myspace