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September 24, 2007

New Vid-Yos

I finally got around to doing video on a bunch of my solo pieces. I'm amazed by how much TIME video takes - to set up - shoot - edit -process - convert to internet friendly format -upload and then organize online. Pretty much my whole sunday was spent on this. I do it for the love. That's how I roll.

8 total - all except 1 are tunes from my CD "Outre" - They're also linked on my myspace site too.

September 21, 2007

BASS UP!/ Andy Mckee's new album

THIS week (saturday) is Darren Michaels "Bass Up" event in Atlanta - which I'm totally honored to be invited to perform at. Details HERE

Some of you may remember I played a few shows with Acoustic Guitar maestro Andy Mckee in May.

What you may not know is that Andy asked me to play bass on a few tracks for his new album. Yup - "real bass". ,-)

Andy's new album "The Gates of Gnomeria" is out and it features 2 tracks with yours truly. It's a pretty amazing collection of songs from Andy. It's much more textural than Andy's last CD "Art of Motion" and - in my opinion - a deeper musical statement. Really sweet stuff from Andy.

You can get Andy's CD at the CANDYRAT RECORDS WEBSITE

While you're there you can also pick up a copy of my solo CD Outre. ,-0

UPDATE: Rob from CandyRat has posted one of the tunes I played on at the CandyRat myspace site HERE It's titled "Dependant Arising"

Hope to see you!

September 11, 2007