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BULL SCHMIDT - new podcast w/ Steve Lawson

recorded this morning (in US) via Skype - a 55 minute chat with UK Solo Bassist Steve Lawson about all matter of music and geek related stuff.

I like talking with Steve about this stuff because he is similarly attracted to all things geek & web as I am. He's articulate on the philosophical aspects of music & bass that I really enjoy engaging in as well.

This will be a regular thing - every few weeks or so and will likely evolve over time into all kinds of issues & topics. I wanted to name the podcast something different than my usual "beautiful bass podcast". Nothing fancy really struck me other than that this is really a bullshit session.

So - viola! BULL SCHMIDT!

bullschmidt cvr.jpg

listen via embedded player below

or download the direct mp3 HERE
it's about 50mb.

Subscribe to the podcast in Itunes - just search for Jeff Schmidt in the itunes music store and you'll find the podcast - this way new epsiodes and BULL SCHMIDT sessions will be delivered right to you as they become available.

Also check Steve Lawson's site as he'll make these available in his own way I'm sure.

This whole thing came about on Twitter.

Are you not twittering yet?

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