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April 22, 2008

Solo Bass Night 4 - May 14th 2008 - Berkeley CA

For Bay Area folks (and those who will be traveling) I'm pleased to be part of a really great night of solo bass music -



Michael Manring,

David Grossman,


Jean Baudin


Jeff Schmidt

The details -

Solo Bass Night 4 at Freight & Salvage Coffee House

1111 Addison Street · Berkeley, CA 94702 · (510) 548-1761

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 · 8:00-10:30pm

Tickets $18.50 in advance, $19.50 at the door

Tickets now available at TicketWeb or at the Freight & Salvage box office.

These shows are always great fun for me and highlight the diverse approaches to making music with electric bass guitars.

More details HERE

Hope to see you there!


April 07, 2008



The Bull Schmidt Podcast turned into the Bull Schmidt Gang Podcast this week when I was joined by fellow bass-heads Trip Wamsley, Tom Shad, Gustav & Jay Terrien.

It's a totally informal chat with LARGE amounts of profanity and childish behavior. SO beware if you're sensitive like that.

This episode much more closely resembles what it sounds like when we're all hanging out having beers than a typical formal interview "SHOW". Which is exactly what I hoped for. Off the cuff - no holds barred conversation. Duck!

You may or may not learn anything (probably not) - but at least you can hang with the gang!

runtime - a thrill packed 60 minutes.

listen via embedded player below

direct MP3 download here

subscribe in itunes here