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New Video Blog - Demo ideas to Reel Reel Tape

Goin old school bitches!

Like I mentioned in my Sporadic Gig Syndrome post - I opted to flesh out some new ideas for my house concert on friday night (with Steve Lawson, Lobelia & Gustaf Fjelstrom) rather than boning up on my Outre material.

As I don't have any gigs lined up right now - I don't feel any incentive to keep working on these tunes. Just how I roll.

So I figured I'd record them as they stand now for posterity. And also to remember what the hell I played 5 months from now when I want to finish these things.

Then - it hit me. I should record them to the Fostex G16 tape machine I picked up over the summer. I had yet to use it. It would be a great test.

This vid blog documents the effort. Well - about 9 minutes of it. It actually took several hours.

Jeff Schmidt Video Blog 7 Jan 09 (Demo ideas on Reel to Reel Tape) from Jeff Schmidt on Vimeo.

The video only includes samples of tracking 2 tunes - but I got video on all of the complete tunes. I'll put those up in another post when I get some time to knock it out.



Rad dude. Great tunes. Since you have 16 tracks there... you should totally mic up the bass and the room, etc... could make for some wicked big tones.

Ohhh good idea!

there's lots of stuff I want to try. It's a pretty clean sounding machine. But the tape I was using in this vid has some issues and there some warbles in the recording I made. I have a clean reel I want to try.

hey jeff,

sounds great, man! hope the house concert went well...

that boss gt10 sounds great. how many different reverb settings does it have? can you alter them?

looking forward to hearing more of what you're working on.

take care,


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