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March 05, 2009

Secret Evil Plan - Part Deux - Ruiner Hits The Heap

You've heard the "nice" version I did of the Imogen Heap vocals in the previous post.

Now, it's time to let Ruiner Severhead have his way with Imogen Heap's lovely vocal.

While these SoundCloud players look cool - they deliver audio with roughly the quality of MySpace.

Which is to say it blows monkey sac.

Go ahead and click the link to download it. For free. To Kids. It's a 256k mp3 and sounds fairly decent for an mp3.


Some production notes for the insanely curious.

The main bass line is the American P Bass running through a modified "synth" patch on the Boss GT10. It's NOT midi.

Guitar sounds are both actual guitar and piccolo bass. Although - once it hits the scrotum smasher - all that shit sounds the same anyway.

All the texture type effects were created from recording the sound of the Larkspur Ferry I ride into San Francisco every morning. I recorded "down below" near the back where engines are. I put the sound into a granular synth and tweaked.

I also changed the vocal melodically by pitch shifting various notes to support the harmonic minor flavor. Gives the track a totally different feel.