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December 23, 2008

I'm Bored. Are you Bored? Want to not be Bored with me?

Ahhh the holidays.

I'm without out my bass in the arctic wonderland known as Upstate NY. Which pretty much looks like this in every direction.


I do however have my fancy computing device which affords me the ablility to mangle and mix sound. That's where YOU come in my fearless bass pioneers!


I want you to send me a bar or 2 of your bass playing OR other any other instrument you play.

I'll collect all the riffs I get and produce them with my laptop toys over the next week.

I'll post the results (for better or worse) on this blog and throughout the interwebs with full credits to everyone who participates.

Or - if you prefer - I'll leave your good reputable name off this auditory abortion leaving your participation totally anonymous. Your call.

For the sake of simplicity interoperability there's only 2 rules.

Play to a click/metronome with a tempo of 110.

Play in the key of E maj.

You can play in ANY mode of E Maj - but please confine your riffs to the key of E Maj.

Play in any time sig you want - just label what it is

Play with any effect(s) you want.

As simple or complex as you want. Doesn't matter. Don't overthink. Just hit record, play, save the file - and


mp3 is fine.

Letter loose kids!

December 07, 2008

Nice thought but . . .

In my last post I talked about starting a work in progress blog or entry category here at

This seemed like a really great idea to me and would hopefully serve me in getting at least a few of my many idea fragments finished. I was going to post some stuff this weekend.

Then I realized that this is my main website.

If someone searches for me, most of the time they're going to end up here.

Having this site loaded with entry after entry of half-baked demo audio might be fun for me and a few of you. But, it's not helpful at all to the person who came here to find out if I'm worth hiring or booking on a gig.

So I'll need to find another solution to create a work in progress, unfinished audio type blog. Any ideas?

One thought I had was to have a password protected area of the site to post idiot audio to. The password would be delivered by e-mail for free.

It's only purpose would be to keep those page(s) from being indexed and linked by search engines. That would at least make sure my latest :30 episode of improv scrotum smasher screech solo stayed off the top of search engine page when someone searches for Jeff Schmidt.

I'll play around with some potential solutions - feel free to drop me any idea of your own.

February 23, 2008

BULL SCHMIDT - new podcast w/ Steve Lawson

recorded this morning (in US) via Skype - a 55 minute chat with UK Solo Bassist Steve Lawson about all matter of music and geek related stuff.

I like talking with Steve about this stuff because he is similarly attracted to all things geek & web as I am. He's articulate on the philosophical aspects of music & bass that I really enjoy engaging in as well.

This will be a regular thing - every few weeks or so and will likely evolve over time into all kinds of issues & topics. I wanted to name the podcast something different than my usual "beautiful bass podcast". Nothing fancy really struck me other than that this is really a bullshit session.

So - viola! BULL SCHMIDT!

bullschmidt cvr.jpg

listen via embedded player below

or download the direct mp3 HERE
it's about 50mb.

Subscribe to the podcast in Itunes - just search for Jeff Schmidt in the itunes music store and you'll find the podcast - this way new epsiodes and BULL SCHMIDT sessions will be delivered right to you as they become available.

Also check Steve Lawson's site as he'll make these available in his own way I'm sure.

This whole thing came about on Twitter.

Are you not twittering yet?

December 17, 2007

Attack of my LINK BLOG

Bit of geekery to share with you. I read (skim actually) lots of blogs.

About 2% of the stuff I skim/read is stuff I feel compelled to share.

So I've added a LINK BLOG over on the left. These are posts I've found on other blogs that I really like.

Only the last 10 links are showing in the side-bar, but there's many more behind that. Topics are stuff that interests me - tech, media, music, marketing, business, space/astromomy/science, politics, philosophy, religion, humor, serious stuff, frivolous stuff etc...

Don't read too much into why I might have posted an item. I post stuff I agree with and support and stuff I disagree with and think is stupid - as long as it strikes me in some way.

Good luck figuring out which is which. ,-)

Direct link to the whole thing HERE

And for the truly daring - an RSS feed568400747-feed-icon-12.png

December 28, 2006

First rule of blogging

Don't blog about your cat. Instant boredom.

Meet - my cat. Sorry.

On my trip to see the family for the holidays I noticed a few pictures on my parents fridge of my brother's 2 cats and my aunt's dogs.

So naturally - I felt our little feline type being needed to be included. I took this shot when we got back home and e-mailed it to mom & dad. His simulacra now graces the fridge next to his unknown "relative" pets.

Ok . . . boredom off.

News about my CD project next week.

Have a great New Year!