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January 04, 2009

Sporadic Gig Syndrome

Wanna see me and others play weird/strange/cool/lovely bass music LIVE?

I have a gig coming up.

No shit.

Me - Jeff "How come I never get to see him play live" Schmidt. :)

Its a house concert in the San Jose area on Jan 23rd around 7:30pm - the Nerd-Farm Solo Bass Hootenanny! where I'll be joining Steve Lawson & Lobelia and Gustaf Fjelstrom. It's a casual but cool affair.


SEATING IS LIMITED - RESERVE your seat at this website.

I haven't played a proper show in a few months. This means I've forgotten how to play many of my tunes.

It may come as a shock - but I actually don't sit around playing my own music much.

So if I'm not gigging - I'm not playing the tunes. If I'm not playing the tunes for a few months - I forget how to play them.

They are, if I do say so - pretty frakking hard for me to play. I can't just "wing it". Wish I could.

In 07 I was playing gigs with such regularity that keeping my material in shape was easy.

But last year was reeeeeeeeealy mellow on solo bass gigs for me. Mostly by choice - but still.

So now, when someone asks me if I'm into doing a solo gig - all I can think about is the time and effort needed to bone up on my own music. Add a certain amount of laziness on my part and you start getting the idea.

That's Sporadic Gig Syndrome.

You should've seen me - hitting Youtube - watching my own stupid videos trying to figure out how I played some of that stuff. I'm such a tard.

POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS: vote for your fav in the comments!

A.) lower my standards - don't practice & wing it!

B.) gig more. duh.

C.) write simpler music I can play without much prep.

vote now.

Anyway - it seems I'm fated to create music I'll need to incessantly practice. My cross to bare. Weep for me.

My feeling right now is that I'm probably not going to play much Outre material for this engagement. We'll see.

The idea of playing some of my newest musical sketches is far more exciting than spending hours re-learing/practicing older material.

mere moments before getting assualted by a drunken baffoon women.jpg

I think I can safely say I have no "hits" that I'll need to play to "please the crowd" - so this shouldn't be a problem. :) If you plan on attending - and this is a problem - speak now cuz I'll have to work on it if you want to hear something. Otherwise I'm going rouge bitches! :)

Does anyone else have Sporadic Gig Syndrome?

Does anyone else write music they forget how to play?

Does anyone want to help me get - ya know - Frequent Gig Syndrome?

Drop a comment.

House Concerts are all the rage now cuz it's easier to put on than at a "proper" venue that often needs 200 people drinking expensive drinks in the house to make it worth their while.

If you want to put on a House Concert just drop me a note and we'll work something out.

April 22, 2008

Solo Bass Night 4 - May 14th 2008 - Berkeley CA

For Bay Area folks (and those who will be traveling) I'm pleased to be part of a really great night of solo bass music -



Michael Manring,

David Grossman,


Jean Baudin


Jeff Schmidt

The details -

Solo Bass Night 4 at Freight & Salvage Coffee House

1111 Addison Street · Berkeley, CA 94702 · (510) 548-1761

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 · 8:00-10:30pm

Tickets $18.50 in advance, $19.50 at the door

Tickets now available at TicketWeb or at the Freight & Salvage box office.

These shows are always great fun for me and highlight the diverse approaches to making music with electric bass guitars.

More details HERE

Hope to see you there!


May 14, 2006

Solo CD recording

I begin recording my debut CD on May 20th.

I have 13 tunes planned. A few are still in need of some writing and/or arrangement work - but I can start recording about 8 tunes.

Target release is summer.

March 20, 2006

No news is not necessarily good news

But it's not necessarily bad news either.

Right now - no news to report.

But when there is - this is where it'll live.