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October 20, 2010

Beautiful Bass Podcast - Steve Uccello

Beautiful Bass Podcast returns!

For one episode anyway - to feature some great new music from Bassist Steve Uccello and Australian percussionist Nat Grant - SUNG.

Beautiful Bass Podcast - Jeff Schmidt/Steve Uccello SUNG
by jeffschmidt

SUNG - Available at

December 12, 2008

Still Silhouette Reverb Effect explained

Next to "what tuning is_____ tune in" another really popular question I get is about the reverb processing on my solo tune Still Silhouette from my CD Outre.

If you're not familiar with the tune you can grab a free listen on the Last FM OUTRE player.

Its fretless piccolo bass with increasingly strange reverb effects building in the background throughout the piece. When I asked for this kind of effect I had David Torn in my mind.

The effect was created old school style by my producer Cookie Marenco from OTR Studios in Belmont CA.

I was just smart enough to capture a bit of video of Cookie explaining how she creates the effect while we were in the studio.

Today, I got a few e-mails and myspace messages about this track (I think there's a post on a bass forum about it) so I found a bit of the video and uploaded it to the interwebs.

Still Silhouette Reverb Effect explained from Jeff Schmidt on Vimeo.

Obviously this is the old school way - with vintage Lexicon PCM and Super Prime Time verbs, delays, Eventide Harmonizers and real time parameter manipulation (performance)

Not exactly something I can bring out on shows without dropping about 20K in gear and as much IQ to be stupid enough to bring it all out to venues.

Thankfully, there's a reasonable alternative.

I created an effect chain in Ableton Live on my laptop with plug-ins.

It's not exactly the same thing - but it's very, very close to the effect created for the CD.

The main key to the alternative sound is the use of an effect called "Crystalizer".

It's a cascading pitch-shifted reverb/delay process.

You can find it in plugs like SoundToys and Guitar Rig. While the SoundToys version is waaaay better (I think it's based on the Eventide algorithms) the Guitar Rig version is what I have on the laptop and it works just fine.

You can hear that effect in performance on the 2 "ruiner severhead" videos I posted "SEVERED" AND "BOUND".

The combination of these processes is something I've come to call SMOKE because I can't fit "cascading pitch-shifted reverbs & delays" on the return label.


ok - I realized it's totally easy to just show this Ableton Live chain on video. I don't have a screencast app so I just pointed the camera at the computer screen - ghetto style!

Using Ableton Live to create the Still Silhouette Reverb FX from Jeff Schmidt on Vimeo.
As you may have already been thinking - this is very secret info that most artists would never, ever share.

With this info you will, without question, be able to duplicate everything I do and render me completely useless in the global marketplace.

Use it wisely.


April 07, 2008



The Bull Schmidt Podcast turned into the Bull Schmidt Gang Podcast this week when I was joined by fellow bass-heads Trip Wamsley, Tom Shad, Gustav & Jay Terrien.

It's a totally informal chat with LARGE amounts of profanity and childish behavior. SO beware if you're sensitive like that.

This episode much more closely resembles what it sounds like when we're all hanging out having beers than a typical formal interview "SHOW". Which is exactly what I hoped for. Off the cuff - no holds barred conversation. Duck!

You may or may not learn anything (probably not) - but at least you can hang with the gang!

runtime - a thrill packed 60 minutes.

listen via embedded player below

direct MP3 download here

subscribe in itunes here

February 23, 2008

BULL SCHMIDT - new podcast w/ Steve Lawson

recorded this morning (in US) via Skype - a 55 minute chat with UK Solo Bassist Steve Lawson about all matter of music and geek related stuff.

I like talking with Steve about this stuff because he is similarly attracted to all things geek & web as I am. He's articulate on the philosophical aspects of music & bass that I really enjoy engaging in as well.

This will be a regular thing - every few weeks or so and will likely evolve over time into all kinds of issues & topics. I wanted to name the podcast something different than my usual "beautiful bass podcast". Nothing fancy really struck me other than that this is really a bullshit session.

So - viola! BULL SCHMIDT!

bullschmidt cvr.jpg

listen via embedded player below

or download the direct mp3 HERE
it's about 50mb.

Subscribe to the podcast in Itunes - just search for Jeff Schmidt in the itunes music store and you'll find the podcast - this way new epsiodes and BULL SCHMIDT sessions will be delivered right to you as they become available.

Also check Steve Lawson's site as he'll make these available in his own way I'm sure.

This whole thing came about on Twitter.

Are you not twittering yet?

February 08, 2007

Podcast Episode 6 posted

As a follow up to my episode 4 podcast about modes - friend & fellow bassist Ariane Cap offers another take on modes.


Thanks Ariane!

December 10, 2006

Podcasts are Back

I think I forgot to mention on this blog that the Beautiful Bass Podcasts are back.

Subscribe with the link over there - or in iTunes - just search Jeff Schmidt in the podcast section.

GET EPISODE 3 DOWNLOAD HERE This one's about getting back into podcasting and chat on improvisation - and includes an 8 minute improv on Little Sunflower.

GET EPISODE 4 DOWNLOAD HERE This one is instructional based on an audio comment sent to me - it's all about MODES and diatonic harmony yo!

If you have an audio comment or question - drop it as an mp3 file in my e-mail and I'll address it in a future podcast.

August 04, 2006


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July 09, 2006

Episode II up

grab it baby!

a tad bit more profanity this time around so uhh . . . use your own judgement. ,-0


July 02, 2006

Debut Beautiful Bass Podcast!

HERE IT IS! My debut Podcast!

Beautiful Bass Podcast

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